State of Roads in Yumbe District

Due to the recent rains from June to November, 2019, the Roads in Yumbe have numerous pot holes which are dangerous the traffic. Some roads have been blocked to due floods which cut off traffic from moving. Road users were getting challenges while crossing to the other side of the road because the road was covered with floods.


Govt has created 3 new town councils in Yumbe District

The government is creating 3 new more town councils, namely, Barakala Town Council, Kulikulinga Town Council, Lobe Town Council, the last 78 of which are to become operational in July this year in what officials say will help take services closer to the people and create jobs.
These include areas automatically upgraded to town councils on the basis of being the designated headquarters for new districts.

Yumbe Town Council recognizes Tax Payers

YUMBE. Yumbe town council has for the first time organized a get together party to recognize compliant tax payers with certificates.

Speaking during the event at Praford hotel on Wednesday, Mr Maliki Drakuma, the Yumbe town clerk said they have registered tremendous improvement in the local revenue collection.

He said in the past, Yumbe town had limited revenue sources but now there are many sources that can generate revenue for the town.