Places to Visit in Yumbe District this Festive Season

Uganda gained her independence on October 9th 1962. Since 1894 she was a British protectorate that was put together from some very organized kingdoms and chieftaincies that inhabited the lake regions of central Africa.
By 1959, Uganda had 16 districts and at the time of independence in 1962 one more district was created. In 1945 Uganda divided into four provinces of Buganda, Eastern, Northern and Western. The provinces were sub-divided into districts In 1962: Uganda became independent on October 9.

Yumbe received motorcycles to handle Ebola cases

YUMBE. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) through the ministry of health has donated two motorcycles to Yumbe district health department to handle issues of Ebola in the district.

Speaking during the commissioning of the motorcycles, Dr Alfred Yayi the district health officer said the motorcycles were procured by UNHCR and handed over to the ministry of health for refugee-hosting districts.