YUMBE. Yumbe town council has for the first time organized a get together party to recognize compliant tax payers with certificates.

Speaking during the event at Praford hotel on Wednesday, Mr Maliki Drakuma, the Yumbe town clerk said they have registered tremendous improvement in the local revenue collection.

He said in the past, Yumbe town had limited revenue sources but now there are many sources that can generate revenue for the town.

"Yumbe town as of now, is a town which has a number of commercial and residential houses, hotels, fuel stations, lodges, vehicles, increased road network and many other developmental projects that are coming up as compared to the past, making our revenue collection more than double," Drakuma said.

"In 2016, our local revenue collection was about shs100m but as I talk now, we have hit shs400m. All these don't come from a blue but due to the influx of the refugees that have increased our revenue base," Drakuma added.

He noted that in case refugees are repatriated to South Sudan, Yumbe town will never go back to its former state but instead gear towards attaining a municipality status.