1. Yumbe District Local Government has received funds from Ministry of Finance under various programs and intends to use these funds for supply, construction and drilling works.

2.Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the open domestic bidding procedures contained in the Government of Uganda’s Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003.

3. Yumbe District Local Government now invites sealed Bids from eligible and pre-qualified Contactors and Firms for these works, supplies and services

4. Eligible Bidders may purchase bidding documents from the District cashier and seek further clarification from; The Secretary,Yumbe District Contracts Committee P O BOX 1 Yumbe

5. Bid documents will be obtained at a non refundable fee of UGX 100,000= & UGX 70,000= respectively     

1. Drilling of 10 deep boreholes under lot 1

2. Drilling of 8 deep boreholes under lot 2

3. Drilling of 3 deep boreholes under lot 3

4. Siting & drilling supervision of 10 boreholes lot 1

5. Siting & drilling supervision of 8 boreholes lot 2

6. Borehole Rehabilitation (55) only for pump mechanics Assn of Yumbe

7. Construction of piped water supply system Phase 1 in Kerwa SC.

8. Construction of council Hall Phase1, Perimeter wall Phase 1, Engineering office Phase IV, Staff House at Aliodranusi,

9. Construction of 2 classrooom at Aringa, Kubali,Kumuna Kei seed,3 classroom at Kumuna,Achilaka PS.

10. Renovation of classroom blocks at Ojinga PS,Natural Resource offices

11. Supply & installation of solar power at Admn, Repair and maintenance of Admn offices.

12. Construction of 5 stance VIP latrine at Lodonga black,Fataha,Midigo,Rimbe,Paduru,Limidia,Logoa,Kubali,Aligo,Gadenia RGC,

13. Construction of 3 stance VIP latrine at: Lukunene TC,Apo HC,Mocha HC,Nyori HC,

14. Completion of ; Image hse at Midigo,Roadside mkt at Lodonga,Resource centre at Kerwa,

15. Supply of 3 seater desks Lot 1,2 & 3

16. Supply of 5 motorcycle

17. Rehabilitation of water supply system in Yumbe Hospital.

18. Upgrade of Physical plan for Yumbe Town council

19.Feasibility study & design of piped water supply in Drajin SC.

Item 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,17,18,189 UGX 100,000=   Item 4,5,10,11,12,13,14 ,15 & 16 UGX 70,000= To be deposited on Yumbe general fund a/c No.9030006393585 Stanbic Arua Branch,

Conditions of Bidding are in the bidding document. 

(a)        All prices Quoted must be in Ugandan shillings.

(b)        All applications must be properly sealed in ENVELOPES and       marked “Tender             for…………………”and addressed to:-

Secretary Contracts Committee. P.O.BOX 1, Yumbe District Local Government sealed in Triplicate, one original and two copies to be delivered to the above Office not later    than 14th Sep 2020, at 12:30 p.m.

(c)        Opening shall be conducted the same day at 11:30 am in PDU. 

(d)       Bidders or their Representatives are invited to witness Bid Opening.       

Chief Administrative Officer-Yumbe.

Planned activity schedule subject to change







24th Aug 2020         To

14th  Sep 2020


Prebid meeting

4th Sep 2020




 17th  Sep 2020          To

22nd  Sep  2020



24th Sep 2020           



Notice of BEB

 25th Sep 2020            To

12th Oct 2020


Clearance from Solicitor General

15th  Oct 2020



Contact signing

19th Oct 2020