Hon Aguku Samadu hands over site to the contractor as district technocrats and locals look on

By Achidri Akim

Honourable Aguku Samadu the male youth councillor who also doubles as the secretary for production and natural resources in Yumbe District urges residents in the district to fully backup projects for their own good.

Aguku who represented the District chairperson and the RDC expressed the concern during site handover meetings held yesterday at Alaba and Ofonge villages in Yumbe District.

His piece of advice follows series of incidences in which landlords tend to ask for huge sums of money in exchange for a portion of land needed for government projects. This he says retards progress.

Yesterday’s meetings are a climax of efforts aimed at kick-starting the construction of sludge drying bed meant for faecal waste treatment and pipe water scheme under Development Response to Displacement Impacts Projects (DRDIP).

He further cautions the community to desist from acts of stealing projects’ construction materials and intimidation of the contractors plus their teams as such practices tend to slow down work.

A representative from Office of the Prime Minister Refugee department Mr Achidri Richard adds that, the communities especially in Alaba have always been on his neck over lack of access to clean water and should therefore welcome the DRDIP projects with double arms.

While speaking to a section of the community members, they acknowledged the importance of DRDIP interventions and expressed their gratitude.

Ramula Ajiko of Alaba village reveals that, from her home to the nearest water point is about 3 kilometres and trekking from the water point with heavy load has left her enduring pain until now.

Ajiko the mother to 6 says like many other women in the area grappling with the same challenge says she often feels pain around the chest, which she attributes to carrying of heavy jerry cans of water over long distance.

Agua Kadara a member in the same village observes that during dry season the situation usually gets worse as streams dry up living the huge village population with only a few options.

‘‘We hold no feelings against this initiative, because it has come to solve our long term challenge surrounding access to clean water” Agua asserts.